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At Windowedu, we believe in the power of gamification to enhance the learning experience. That’s why we have integrated a learning plan badging system into our platform, designed to engage and motivate students in their educational journey..

Our learning plan badging system utilizes the concept of digital badges to recognize and reward student achievements. These badges act as visual representations of progress and accomplishment, providing a sense of achievement and pride. Each badge is associated with specific milestones or goals within the learning plan.

Here’s how our learning plan badging system works:

Triggers: Badges are unlocked based on specific user actions or milestones reached within the learning plan. These triggers can include completing lessons, achieving high scores on assessments, or demonstrating mastery in specific skills or subjects.
Badge Images: Each badge is represented by a unique and visually appealing image. These images serve as symbols of accomplishment and are displayed prominently on the learner’s profile or dashboard.
Descriptions: Every badge comes with a description that explains how the user earned the badge. This helps to reinforce the value and significance of the achievement, providing a sense of fulfillment and motivation to continue progressing.

learning plan badging system

By incorporating gamification and our learning plan badging system, we aim to make the learning journey more engaging and enjoyable for our students. The use of badges adds an element of competition, recognition, and a sense of achievement that can inspire students to push themselves further and reach their academic goals.
Our learning plan badging system is seamlessly integrated into our platform, providing students with a clear overview of their progress and accomplishments. It also serves as a visual representation of their hard work and dedication.
Join us on this educational adventure and unlock a world of learning with our innovative gamified approach. Through our learning plan badging system, we encourage students to embrace challenges, celebrate milestones, and take pride in their educational achievements.

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Customized learning​

WindowEdu incorporates customized learning as a key feature, offering personalized educational experiences that adapt to each student’s unique strengths, needs, learning styles, and interests.


WindowEdu incorporates a gamification system in math learning, leveraging game-like elements and mechanics to enhance student engagement, motivation, and understanding of mathematical concepts.

Experienced professional maths tutors

In WindowEdu, experienced professional math tutors provide several advantages, including personalized attention during one-on-one sessions, expertise in their subject matter, and the ability to cater to individual learning needs, resulting in enhanced understanding and improved academic performance.

Advancing Math Education with Interactive Software:

GeoGebra and More at WindowEdu. Harnessing the power of tools like GeoGebra, WindowEdu offers an immersive learning experience where students benefit from dynamic visualization, real-time feedback, and interactive math classes, fostering engagement and deep understanding of mathematical concepts.

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